Level 1: Certified Cider Guide




Level 1: Certified Cider Guide is the foundational course and is suitable for everyone.  If you're brand new to cider, this course will give you the knowledge and language to enable you 


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for those who work directly with consumers and trade customers, namely those working in retail and hospitality, importers, distributors, wholesalers and employees of cider producers.


The Level 1 Certified Cider Guide (CCG) course and exam is offered as an on demand bundle that includes a downloadable study guide and an on demand training video. The online exam is 60 questions long in multiple choice format. You must score 85% to pass. You get two attempts per exam fee in a 30-day period.


  • Apples, Pears and Orchards 
  • Cider Production 
  • Families and Flavour 
  • Evaluating Cider 
  • Keeping and Serving 
  • Cider and Food 
  • Social Responsibility 




If you would like more information regarding the an on-demand certification for Level 1 Certified Cider Guide, including the opportunity for bulk discounts, please contact gabe@ciderassociation.org 

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