Certified Cider Professional Programme


As of February 2024 I have joined forces with the American Cider Association (ACA) to help them deliver their excellent cider education programme called the Certified Cider Professional (CCP) programme. 

Developed by the ACA and launched at CiderCon® 2016, the Certified Cider Professional programme provides food and beverage professionals, and enthusiasts, with the knowledge and skills to understand and share the joy and nuance of cider.   Now is the time for a unified, global cider education programme that is applicable and open to anyone and everyone from Seattle to Somerset to Sydney. It is a true reflection of the globalisation of cider and indicative of this being an incredibly exciting time for cider.

The programme currently has two distinct levels of certification. The Level 1: Certified Cider Guide is designed as a fundamental course and is a prerequisite for the second level of certification. Level 2: Certified Pommelier is a more advanced certification that covers the technical aspects of cider in greater depth and incorporates a blind sensory evaluation.

Level 1: Certified Cider Guide has been developed specifically for those who work directly with consumers and trade customers, namely those working in retail and hospitality, importers, distributors, wholesalers and employees of cider producers.

The Level 1 Certified Cider Guide (CCG) course and exam is offered as an on demand bundle that includes a downloadable study guide and an on demand training video. The online exam is 60 questions long in multiple choice format. You must score 85% to pass. You get two attempts per exam fee in a 30-day period.

If you would like more information regarding the an on-demand certification for Level 1 Certified Cider Guide, including the opportunity for bulk discounts, please contact gabe@ciderassociation.org 

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If you would prefer a more guided learning experience, we can also provide virtual and/or classroom workshops for Level 1 Certified Cider Guide.  For more information on these opportunities please email me at: gabe@ciderassociation.org



**The Ciderologist is an authorized CCG provider and an approved CCP educator.**