Pommelier Requirements

Pommelier Requirements

To become a pommelier is the ultimate accolade in cider advocacy.  Pommeliers are people with an incredible breadth and depth of knowledge and passion for cider and perry, and have the skillset to champion this drink, this industry, this culture with eloquence and conviction.

Unless, the previous courses, the Pommelier assessment does not comprise of a classroom group.  Instead, the assessment is split into two halves: the Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) and the interview.



The Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) is the opportunity for candidates to demonstrate they are the ultimate cider advocates.  We want to see evidence that they are passionate, knowledgeable, engaging and proactive in their efforts to ensure cider is more widely understood, respected and consumed.

The PoE should forms two parts:

  • Cider advocacy
  • Personal project

Cider Advocacy 

The aim of this section is for the candidate to highlight excellent cider advocacy, both their own and that which they have observed by makers, retailers and pubs.

By presenting these example of best practice cider advocacy, it will demonstrate they have understood, and can command the key learnings from the courses, including:

  • Use of cider language
  • Awareness of cider Stylisation
  • Understanding of cider legislation
  • knowledge of the principles of cider and food matching

Personal Advocacy 

Highlighting their own cider journey and how it is contributing to the betterment of cider.

Please provide your evidence in photographic form and/or a description of what you have done, when and why!

Examples can include:

  • cider blogging
  • cider writing
  • cider training
  • cider selling
  • cider making
  • cider championing

Professional Advocacy

Recognising and highlighting existing exemplifications of successful cider advocacy in the Trade (bulleted examples provided above).  This can be activity that you have undertaken yourself professionally, or could be retail and On Trade activity that you have observed.

Please provide your evidence in photographic form and/or a description of:

  • what you observed
  • where/when you observed it
  • why you think it constitutes great cider advocacy
  • how you think it could be improved

Examples include:

  • Evidence/creation of cider menus
  • Evidence of cider and food matching
  • Evidence of the use of cider ranging in retailing.
  • Evidence of high cider retailing and image standards through POS, branded glassware, cellar hygiene standards and other relevant evidence.
  • Evidence of effective branding and marketing of products with appropriate cider lexicon 

    Personal Project 

    This is a paper-based exercise that will demonstrate ultimate understanding of cider language, styles, marketplace and consumers that has been learnt on the journey to Pommelier.

    The Personal Project is all about the demonstration of one’s knowledge and passion for cider and documenting how you could put this into effect to make a difference in the market place.  Examples of suitable projects themes include, but are not limited to:

    • Create your own cider brand, giving considered thought to:
      • The style of cider?
      • How is it made?
      • What is its USP and why?
      • What language does it use and why?
      • What type of packaging and branding and why chosen?
      • What legislative considerations have been incorporated?
    • Create your own cider festival, giving considered thought to:
      • What ciders would you present and why?
      • How would you categorise them and why?
      • What other information would be available to consumers?
      • What training would you provide to bar staff?
    • Create your own cider competition, giving considered thought to:
      • What are the cider categories?
      • What scoring system will you use?
      • What method will you use to reach that score?
      • How will your competition be different to those already in the market?
      • Who are the judges?
      • What style guidelines and briefing will be provided to judges?

    There is no expectation that you have created and executed the above in reality – that is a big task!  The purpose of this exercise is for you to demonstrate your newly upweighted knowledge, skills and passion for cider as a paper exercise.  This could then form the template for your own future cider advocacy.

    The PoE in total should be 2,000 to 3,000 words.  There will be no penalty for going over this figure, but to create a PoE with significantly fewer words will have to be executed perfectly to convey all of the evidence that is desired.



    The second part of the assessment will see the the applicant attending a 1.5 hour, face to face, one on one interview and is assessed via an evidence-based process against written parameters. The assessment will test all parts of the BACA cider courses and will include practical tests including identification of randomly selected cider styles, flaws and faults and role play scenarios touching on any of the themes learnt through the courses.


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