the ciderology book

Cider is for life - not just for Christmas

Season's greetings cider heads! As has been the way of 2018, I have woefully neglected this website as a place to have a good old yak to you. Come the New Year that is going to change. You see, when you write a book (Ciderology - out now and buy it here!), it takes all the stuffing out you. I thought it was simply a case of write 45,000 words, hand it to the publisher and job done - cider book achieved. Apparently it's not as simple as that. So to anyone you has ever written a book I salute you! And speaking of books, some twerp on a bridge wants to flog one to you: Before 2018 is up I'll do a little round up of my highlights of the year and cast a glance ahead to 2019, and all the cidery wondrousness that waits. Finally, did I mention I had written a book? Wassail and most peaceful Christmas to you all xx
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