the c word

The C Word

I currently find myself in a rather bland hotel, escaping the early onset Autumnal drizzle, supping endless flabby flat whites, whilst grabbing an hour or so between an appearance on local radio and set up at the Witcombe Cider Festival where I am curating the Craft Cider Bar. It’s all go. It’s been like that …

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Global Cider Tour Part 2: Cyclone Cook invades NZ

Australia doesn’t want me to leave.  Quite literally.  I am held up at Sydney airport whilst the most gargantuan downpour breaks the heat that has been building all day.  All operations stop whilst the threat of the electrical storm passes.  When we finally get into Wellington, via a mildly sphincter-relaxing, turbulence rock’n’roller, my bag is …

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By now I’m sure many of you will have seen photos, videos and articles about this year’s wassail, and if you’ve now lost a raincoat in a blazing inferno and have singed half your beard, you may have even participated in one yourself.  I’ve decided to wait until now to wax lyrical about this time-honoured tradition, as the 17th January is Old …

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Hello 2017 – my, you are looking bloody cold, damp and miserable. It should be a time of refreshment and life affirmation, but mostly seems to be about penitence.  Right now, it appears that everyone is focussed on ‘being good’ and banishing Christmas’s excesses.  A key, and indeed highly popular, method of achieving this for many people is …

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barrels for cider makers

Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

The nights are drawing in, the first hoar frosts are crystallising the mornings and there’s a nip in the air.  It’s October now, so those drenching deluges of autumnal precipitation have started to hit.  Woodfires are being lit, woollen jumpers are being inspected for moth holes and everyone’s generally getting a bit miserable and hunkering down. But not me.  I’m …

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From New World to Old – Innovation is key for Cider

The problem with having a full-time job talking about cider all over the country, is that sometimes it’s hard to make time for your hobby.  Especially when that hobby is, er…talking about cider. But how could I possibly complain about getting paid for yakking away about this wonderful libation.  It could be so much worse.  …

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