What is Ciderology?




  1. That which is practiced by The Ciderologist
  2. The study, teaching and championing of cider; often associated with a very large moustache.
  3. The perfect confluence of art, science and nature

Ciderology is an ethos; a way of life, if you will.  As The Ciderologist, I have embarked upon a journey to spread the good word of cider. The principles of Ciderology are upheld by six Core Values:

  • True love of cider: the perfect confluence of art, science and nature
  • Espouse the unique traditions, heritage, culture and identity of cider in its heartland regions
  • Advocate the development of sustainable, authentic cider industries in areas of new growth
  • Champion artisan producers for their innovation and creation of high value products
  • Support cider producers of all scales which continue to uphold the spirit of cider by making a responsible product and contributing to their local heritage, economy, environment and communities
  • Celebrate and share the wonder of cider with the world


Cider is far more than merely an industry (ie the processing of raw materials into a product).  In certain parts it forms the culture, heritage, lifeblood and defining feature. It is where the worlds of great artistry (for cider makers truly are artists), scientific application and the harnessing of nature, come together in perfect unison.

It is imbued with rich history, countless fables, Shakespearean-esque characters, fun & laughter and an inexorable connection to the land.  Oh, and of course, a wonderful drink to be shared with friends, family and the people we meet on the carousel of life.

I have been exceedingly fortunate to have worked with cider for a number of years now; to have turned my passion into a profession. Confucius said “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  The Ciderologist will hopefully enable me to continue my love affair and go on the dole.  Mind you, Confucius also said “Never give a sword to a man who can’t dance”, so what the bloody hell did he know?


  1. Harry Turner

    Excellent work Gabe!
    And a killer moustache.


  2. Interesting website but I am a little puzzled; you started out in cider at the excellent Ross Cider so I presume your interest is in real cider.
    Since then you have been involved with Heiniken Bulmers who do not even make cider!
    What’s that all about?

    1. The Ciderologist

      Hi Greg

      Cider is a spectrum, with Ross Cider at one end and Bulmers at the other. I learnt so much from Mike, Phil & co at Ross Cider; not just how to make artisan cider, but crucially the heritage, history and culture of this drink, and by proxy, my local region. I became utterly enthralled by cider’s mystique and have been on a mission to advocate it ever since.

      My role at Bulmers was Cider Communications Manager, ie I got to talk about cider all day long. I worked with a broad range of folk, from local community groups to MPs and Government departments; all in the name of championing cider. It was bloody marvellous.

      The ciders that Bulmers produce undoubtedly contain too little juice or too much added malic acid for your liking, or your defintion cider. And that’s fine – there are plenty of wonderfully crafted products out there to tick this box (like Salt Hill Cider!). Instead, be in praise of Bulmers for its contribution to the rural econonmy, to sharing orcharding best practice and working to protect cider makers of all scales.




  3. Just saying hello from a 150 year old farm in New York USA that is about to start producing small-batch hard cider. It sure is an exciting time to be joining the cider movement.


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