1. Brilliant on all counts, Gabe. I’d support your council nomination in a heartbeat! What struck me in the skew of the presentations is everyone saying that cider is being driven by females that want something sweet, despite the fact that the data presented by one speaker showed a roughly 50:50 split in the cider-drinker gender profile, with a slight edge going to men. I was also struck by the reaction of my table mates at the dinner after, their surprise that I, a woman, was perfectly happy with the dry, tart, traditional apfelwein being served. Lang was so right, especially when inconvenient data is conveniently ignored.

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    Great read and very good point about HVP. As acronyms go, it’s accurate and underlines a key issue (not just in drinks) but any FMCG – dammit, another acronym. Going to use that lamppost quote too. Hope all good.


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