1. Christopher Fairs

    Nice observations of Normandy, Gabe. I was able to visit annually. as part of my job. There is (or at least was) quite a large acreage of bush orchards in Normandy. Some were very large plantations, linked to the bigger cider makers in the area. Bulmers, through its sister company, Stassen, planted a few hundred acres under contract in France and Belgium. I always liked to visit and sample the calvados of Roger Groult, who had three ‘caves’ of bottles, each representing a generation of his family. The French are justifiably proud of their ciders and calvados production. If you haven’t already tried it, Pont L’Eveque (sorry, accents missing) is similar in style and aroma to our Stinking Bishop, with its similarity of name. We always liked to sample Tarte au Maroilles, a smelly treat, when visiting Stassen’s contract orchards in Picardie. Best wishes on your travels.


  2. Woof Woof Flasheart, wonderful write up, I’m going to open a bottle of Dupont I’ve been saving and watch some re-runs this evening – The episode ‘Private Plane’ is right up there with ‘Nob & Nobility’, IMO. Cheers!


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