Cider Services

What can The Ciderologist do for you?

Over 10 years of working in the cider industry has given me a unique insight, from traditional farms to world’s largest producer. I have worked across a wide range of roles encompassing cider making, new product development, customer liaison, media relations, public affairs and community engagement.

With this unparalleled knowledge, I can provide a number of services for cider makers, broadcasters & the media, the wider drinks trade or simply those who love to enjoying consuming this wonderful drink!

  • Start ups to commercial producers
  • Cider Making and marketing overview and advisory service
  • Market Insight
  • Category and style evaluation
  • Sensory analysis
Writing & Speaking
  • International Cider Judge
  • Undertake presentations on UK and global cider dynamics, trends, traditions and
  • Provide original content, comment and analysis for global print media
  • Copywriting
  • A bold and charismatic presenter, I am well suited to broadcasting, especially TV
  • Cider tastings: from fun & informative to technical & tutored
  • Cider training: heritage, category, technical and sensory
 Drinks Trade Support
  • Unique, attractive events for your pub or restaurant
  • Cider & perry food matching experiences
Cider Tours
  • Bespoke, expert-guided tours of some of the world’s finest cider and perry makers