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  1. Harry Turner

    Excellent and thought provoking as ever Gabe. To understand the true fate of flavoured ciders, I think you need to look slightly further back, beyond ‘over ice’ to the early noughties and ‘alcopops’. After initial success, brands needed an ever accelerating proliferation of flavours to try and retain consumer interest and justify shelf space – sound familiar? The alcopops generation grew up and moved on, the next generation wanted something new and ‘over ice’ became their ‘thing’. In the same way, I’d say craft beer and flavoured Gin are already sounding the death knell for flavoured ciders. But, are they also opening the door for premium priced artisan and craft cider – sipped in appreciation, rather than quaffed in pints? You’re probably going to have quite an influence on the answer to that question! Wassail


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